Adult Bible Fellowship Classes (ABF's)

At Shelby Christian we have a variety of study options on Sunday morning, Wednesday evening and throughout the week for adults of all ages.   

Our primary vehicle for assisting senior adults (55+) along their path of discipleship is ABF groups. ABF groups are  groups of 15 to 30 people that meet regularly at the church for Bible study, fellowship, prayer and service. 

Sunday Groups

8:00 AM - CROSSFit: ROOM A223 - Led by Stan Gaus & Steve Howard

Using our Message Life Group Guides this group will discuss the Sermons on Sunday morning and dig deeper into the Scripture from sermons. 40s and up

9:30 AM - CHURCH BUILDERS: ROOM A219 - Led By Michael Duke & Dan Fowler

Using a Standard Sunday School Curriculum this group is always open to new folks looking for great fellowship and Biblical Teaching on Sunday Morning.

9:30 AM ONE HEART LIFE GROUP - JOY ROOM - Led by a rotation of leaders.  Offering a variety of studies for women.  We are a very supportive group of women who are focusing on building relationships with God and others, as well as gaining a better understanding of God's word.  Group is mostly women 40 and up, however, all women are welcome. 

11:00 AM -  FELLOWSHIP: ROOM A223 - Led by Dwight Meadows & Gene Floyd  Great group of people who love Jesus and great teaching on the Bible and the Church.  60 and up.

10:00 AM - BEREANS: ROOM A219 - Led by Barney Barnett & Butch Dunsmore

Teaching a variety of Biblical Studies with a great group of leaders in our church. Predominantly a group of retired people who love the church!

11:00 AM - ORANGE LIFE GROUP - CONFERENCE ROOM (CHURCH OFFICE) - LED BY TERRY ORANGE - Using many different Bible Studies to teach God's word and gaining an understanding of following Christ today.  30s and up.

11:00 AM - VAUGHN LIFE GROUP - JOY ROOM - LED BY CHRIS VAUGHN - Beginning in late August, 2022 Using different Bible Studies and Right Now Media to experience God and provide a loving environment.  20s and up.