LIFE Groups and fellowship groups

Shelby Christian offers a variety of opportunities for adults to grow in their faith, build relationships with others, and serve the community. 

Whether it is in a LIFE group, a Bible study, a fellowship group, or our Sunday worship services, our goal is to fulfill the mandate of Ephesians 4:12-13 "to prepare God's people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up until we all reach unity in the faith and in the knowledge of the Son of God and become mature, attaining to the whole measure of the fullness of Christ."  Click here to Join a Life Group.

2024 Open Life Groups by Type

Sunday Morning Bible Study Groups

8:00 AM CROSSFit - ROOM A223 - Led by Stan Gaus and Steve Howard Using our Life Group Guides this group will discuss the Sermons on Sunday morning and dig deeper into the Scripture from sermons.  40 and Up.  

9:30 AM CHURCH BUILDERS - Room A219 –Led By Michael Duke Using a book of the Bible, you get great fellowship and Biblical Teaching on Sunday Morning.  All adult ages

11:00 AM FELLOWSHIP - ROOM A223 - Led by Gene Floyd and Steve Johnson Great group of people who love Jesus and great teaching on the Bible and His Church  60+

11:00 AM BEREANS - ROOM A219 - Led by Barney Barnett and Butch Dunsmore Teaching a variety of Biblical Studies with a great group of leaders in our church. Predominantly a group of retired people who love the church!  60+

Young Adult Group

Sunday 1:00 PM NEXT PHASE LIFE GROUP – Led by Matt and Jenny Krebs at their home at 617 Forbes Dr in Shelbyville. College age and above. Helping young men and women navigate the road of life.

Couples & Singles Groups

Sunday 1:00 PM SCHILLING LIFE GROUP – Room A223 Led by Steve and Stephanie Schilling This group meets every other week, meeting twice a month. This group exists to help build positive relationships with parents and our kids through God’s grace. We are all just trying to figure out life- jobs, kids, friends as an adult and how that all works together with our relationship with God. How to successfully parent children through grade school, middle school, and high school.

Monday 6:00 PM  GIFFORD LIFE GROUP – Led by Darren and Lauri Gifford - This is a group that focuses on the Biblical principles of love and respect in marriage, from Ephesians, for married or engaged couples, or anyone who will be married.  Presented in a fun, engaging way, coupled with a lot of laughter; it inspires engaging conversations each week. 

Wednesday 6:30 PM MARTIN LIFE GROUP – a Group - Led by Bret and Chara Martin Great group for young adults! Meets every week in the Pathways Room

Wednesday 6:30 PM HAGGARD LIFE GROUP - HOME GROUP - Led by Jason and Melinda Haggard. This young adult group meets on Wednesday nights in Home for Community and great Studies about Church LIFE!

Wednesday 6:30 PM 40/50s LIFE GROUPLed by Scott Been meets in the Next Step room.  This group is targeted specifically for those entering mid-life stage, (no childcare provided). Using a wide variety of Bible Studies, this group will encourage, challenge, and help you grow spiritually. 

Wednesday 7:00 PM GAUS LIFE GROUP - HOME GROUP - Led and hosted by Stan and Jean Gaus in their home. Great for couples 50’s to 60’s. Solid Bible study and fellowship.

Thursday 6:30 PM MARKLE LIFE GROUP – CHURCH OFFICE CONFERENCE ROOM - Led by Rick Markle. A diverse community of people growing in prayer, faith and love through the study of God’s word. We welcome people of all ages and backgrounds. In our differences, we find unity and support as we seek knowledge and understanding. 

Friday 6:30 PM KREBS LIFEGROUP – Led by Matt and Jenny Krebs. Meeting at their home at 617 Forbes Ave uses a variety of different Bible studies.  Group is open to singles or couples of any age.

Saturday 4:00 PM SISK LIFE GROUPS 1 & 2 - HOME GROUP - Led by Steve Johnson  This is a group of wonderful people who love God and love People. They have grown so much that they have split off into 2 different groups which meet every other week.  60 plus.

Men’s Groups

Sunday 6:00 PM CROOM MEN’S GROUPled by Josh Croom.  This group is for Uncommon men to learn, grow, have fun, and become better men.  Held in the woods next to the soccer field around a camp fire. 

Tuesday 7:30 AM MENS STUDY GROUP - CRACKER BARREL – Led by participants – A book by book, verse by verse study.  Bring a bible and join us for coffee and breakfast, or just coffee!

Wednesday 7:00 PM MEN’S BIBLE STUDY – JOY ROOM – Led by Steve Johnson - Men need to grow in faith and Biblical Leadership and this group is intended to help men grow!  40 to 70 year olds.

Thursday 7:00 PM IRON SHARPENS IRON – Men’s Study led by Bret Martin.  meets in Room A219.   This is a real deep study on the qualities of manhood. 

Saturday 7:00 AM – SATURDAY MORNING MENLed by Kevin Brodie – Meets in the parking lot outside of the Common Grounds area (weather permitting – bring a lawn chair) or just inside the building.  This group is for men who want to experience a genuine fellowship of men who are inspired by God to become the best version of themselves for His Glory. A group that will help us face life together in the unique ways life affect all of us as men. "As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another."  Proverbs 27:17

Women’s Groups

Sunday 9:30 AM ONE HEART LIFE GROUP – JOY ROOM – Led by a rotation of leaders.  Offering a variety of studies for women.  We are a very supportive group of women who are focusing on building relationships with God and others, as well as gaining a better understanding of God’s word.  Group is mostly women 40 and up, however, all ages are welcome.

Tuesday 9:00 AM RISE UP - Women’s Group of Moms of young children.   Meets the second Tuesday of each month in the Common Grounds area.

Tuesday 9:30 AM LADIES STUDY GROUP - ROOM A219 - Led by Barbara Mitchum. A Life Group for women who desire to grow in Christ through Bible Study and Prayer.  This is a concentrated group that meets 6 to 9 weeks at a time. Mostly older ladies.

Wednesday 6:30  PM – LADIES THROUGH THE BIBLE GROUP– Room A219 - Led by Kim Hamlin.   Be prepared for a time of study and prayer.

Thursday 6:30 AM – PADDOCK LADIESLed by Toni Howard and Marea Aspillaga.  This is a group of ladies that meet for Coffee, Bible Study and discussion.  Meeting at the Paddock at 700 Main Street in Shelbyville. 

Thursday 10:00 AM – LADIES THROUGH THE BIBLE GROUP– ROOM A219 - led by Kim Hamlin.   Bring your own lunch for a time of study and prayer.

Thursday 6:45 PM RISE UP – Women’s Group of Moms of young children.   Meets the third Thursday of each month in room A219.

Thursday 6:45 PM TONI HOWARD GROUP – Women’s group led by Toni Howard using different short Bible Studies.   Meeting at their home 1005 Windsor Dr. in Shelbyville.

Specialized Groups

Wednesday 6:30 PM COMMUNITY RECOVERY ON THE HILL - Led by Dennis Hampton. This group meets in our main sanctuary, includes worship, teaching and small groups. Looking for support and accountability for HURTS, HABITS and HANGUPS then this group could be for you.

Wednesday 6:30 PM GRIEF AND LOSS SHARE – Decision Room – Led by Joyce Burnett.  This is a group dedicated to helping hurting people through grief and loss.  Meets the first and third Wednesday of each month.

Saturday 8:00 AM  HANDS AND FEET – Led by Dion Muncrief - Meets the second Saturday of each month.  This is a service LifeGroup that begins with a Bible Study and then goes out and helps do service projects for widows in our church. 


1) Fill out a Life Group Contact Card.

2) Call Bobby Woods 633-5975 or email

3) Come to the NEXT STEP room in front of the Worship Center.

4) Send a Carrier Pigeon…not really, but that would be cool.


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Groups, fellowships and adult bible fellowships

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Our primary vehicle for assisting adults along their path of discipleship is LIFE groups. LIFE groups are small groups of 3 to 30 people that meet regularly at the church or in homes for Bible study, fellowship, prayer and service. 


Kim Hamlin leads two women's Bible Studies:  One on Wednesday Nights at 6:30 in room A219 and one on Thursdays at noon in the Common Grounds.

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Here are some great opportunities for men to get connected to other men to be strengthen in Christ!

1. Christian Sportsmen's Fellowship - 2nd Tuesday each month. Various locations and topics centered around a love for the outdoors, fishing, hunting, and camping. Contact John Lewis for more info. 321-9018.

2. Men's Bible Study and Discipleship Group - Every Tuesday morning 7:30 a.m. at Cracker Barrel.

Contact Steve Johnson for info. (502) 232-5082

3. Men's Bible Study and Discipleship Group - Every Wednesday Night 7pm one in the church barn and another in the North Hallway of the Main Building.