SUnday @ 10:00 AM

SHIFT happens every Sunday morning at 10 AM in the Student Ministry area. SHIFT is designed to help students learn what God has to say about things they are dealing with, as well as help them continue on the path that God has planned for their lives. 

SHIFT for GUYS meets in the basement of the STU, and SHIFT for GIRLS meets in the upper hall leading to the STU. If you arrive at SHIFT before 9:30 AM, feel free to hang out in the lobby outside the Student Auditorium. You can play some video games and get to know some other students. 

At 10 AM, we will go to our groups and spend some time learning together. SHIFT will conclude at 11 AM.    


To Students, Parents, and Leaders of Shift:

While we are not on campus this Sunday, we still want to provide clarity and direction as to what is going to happen with Sunday morning Shift.

If you have been with us for a while, you know that we have been going through a book titled, “Walk Like Jesus: Who He Calls Us to Be” by Dann Spader. We want to encourage you to keep reading as planned while we are for the time being. If you don’t know or remember where we are in our readings, I’ll provide the dates below.

As more information arrives, we will be sure to communicate it with you all.

A few things you can do in the meantime along with this reading schedule:

- Pray: For our country and community.

- Worship: Remember, Jesus is still on the throne and Sovereign over all things. He is still deserving of our worship whether we are gathered  together corporately or living in isolation for a season.

- Stay Positive: It’s easy to feel down in moments like these but we want to encourage you to remain positive.

Walk Like Jesus - Reading Plan:

March 16 - 22: Week 8: Intentional Loving Relationships

March 22: Review Week 8

March 23 - 29: Week 9: Investing in a Few

March 29: Review Week 9

March 30 - April 12: TAKE A BREAK to reflect as we lead into Easter

April 13 - 19: Week 10: Jesus and Multiplication

   April 19: Review Week 10

Introduction (Week 8):

Life change does come through relationships - whether it’s a relationship between friends, between a parent and child, or a relationship with God through His Word. In fact, true Christianity is all about relationships, because full humanity means participating in and fostering loving relationships. Jesus was that true friend… both to sinners and His committed followers.


Now, physically participating in that might seem difficult to do during these next few weeks as we are advised to not meet. But, as you answer these next few questions I want you to keep this in mind… How can we be the Church and still develop deep relationships with others during this time?


Main Point:

Whether we are scattered or gathered we must strive to intentionally love others.



(Day 1) Read John 4: To what extreme did Jesus go to meet the needy people of His day? What impact did this have on others? (Hint: John 4:39)

(Day 2) Ministry Jesus-style is about intentional loving relationships. What do you find most challenging about this truth?

(Day 3) John 1:14 describes Jesus as one who came full of “grace and truth.” Read Luke 4:16-29 and write down how you see Jesus embodying these descriptions.

(Day 3) Which is easier for you - demonstrating grace or truth? What happens when you have one without the other? 

(Day 4) Why do you think the tax collectors and sinners felt so safe with Jesus? What insight does John 3:16-17 give us?

(Day 4) Describe Jesus’ attitude toward “tax collectors and ‘sinners’” as it is presented in Luke 15:1-2. What type of attitude must you display so that lost people are eager to spend time with you?


Make sure you read all of DAY 5 and answer these questions:

Think through your own journey of coming to Christ. Who did the cultivating? Who planted? Who reaped in your life? First Corinthians 3:5-8 tells us that different people play different roles.


Have you ever thanked these various people for the role they played in your coming to faith? Maybe a quick note of thanks would be appropriate and greatly appreciated.


$10 for Walking Like Jesus book

Middle School Camp is June 21-26 (Camp Calvary)

Middle School Mission Trip is July 19-24 (West Virginia)



During all the social distancing it is easy to think that we are completely separated, but that is not true. Sure, we may be physically apart but that doesn’t limit our potential to love others well.


Pray during this time for God to use you. Maybe you spend this prayer time writing notes to loved ones or you neighbors. We can still stay connected and show people we care.